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Heading down towards Banner was heading into a green wall of mountains. I could see no way through at all and was getting more and more apprehensive about the climb up. At least there was very little traffic.

Everything had turned green and luscious. The Banner Grade is the twisting road up to Julian from Banner that follows the Banner Canyon. In Banner itself there was very little there - just the usual store, gas station and a few houses - all tucked away in the trees.

I enjoyed the climb. It wasn’t really steep and I just accepted it would take a long time so rather than fight my way up it I used my bottom chain-wheel for one of the very few times in the trip and slowly went up at 5mph.

The trees were mixed coniferous and deciduous but mostly deciduous and it was clear that I had missed the Fall. These trees had long since changed colour and I was very grateful for what few leaves did fall down and smack me on the face.

This is an excerpt from Ocean - Part 82, the final part of the journal of my cycle across America, posted on IrishKC.

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