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A Superior Cycle

The descent to Superior was exhilarating. More so than into New York City.

It was so many factors. The rocks were now orange and elongated into almost column shapes. The slope down was 7% and on the feared shoulderless single lane. I was going from 30 to 37mph. To my side was a wall of beautiful rock, or a barrier protecting me supposedly from a fall into a deep canyon. This was called Devil’s Canyon.

The road was still twisting and turning as it clung to the side of the canyon. I was trying to watch the road ahead, look up at the spectacular views and scenery, and watch the traffic in my mirror behind. Several times I had to jam on the brakes and dive into a foot of space against the rocks as an RV towing some other vehicle swept past. If ya don’t stop at exactly the right spot then you crash into the rocks and under the following vehicles.

This is an excerpt from Apache Junction - Part 73 of my Cycle Across America which I posted today over on IrishKC.

You can also see a photo from this day’s cycle in Arizona.


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