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The Doors of Dublin Lanes

Some photos I’ve taken in the back lanes of Dublin West.

There’s 40 doors in this collage, most of them garage doors. I don’t necessarily like or dislike graffiti, but I’m spellbound by painted out graffiti. Peeling wood and rusting metal I find impossible to dislike, and before all of that the painted squares and rectangles that are the doors and gates of Dublin’s lanes I’ve found intoxicating since I first played beside them.

Photos of mostly garage doors in the back lanes of Dublin
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I did it again. Another 50 Dublin Lane photos

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  2. [via Twitter]

    Fantastic - should turn into a poster - nice change from all those cheesy Georgian doors ones

  3. [via Twitter]

    very nice- each of those doors tell a story :)

  4. Lozzie says:

    I like this. A lot.

  5. martha says:

    Put me down for a poster if one materializes!

  6. manuel says:

    yeah there’s a calendar in this……!

  7. [via Twitter]

    You’ve a great eye for those pics. There are so many doorways and little nooks and crannies in Dublin that make great photos

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  11. kathy says:

    a poster would be cool this looks really good and interesting project

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  19. hugh doolan says:

    I like the idea here. I’ve done something not dissimilar here -without montage-:
    the impomptu wall (2nd last row - on the right) is particularly gloomy and reminiscent of a lot of areas in Dublin

  20. Garrett says:

    I grew up in palmerstown and would love to get this framed. I don’t see it in your for sale you sell this as a poster?

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