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Photo Collage: Dublin - Back Lane Doors II

Growing up in Dublin West I’ve walked, played, and learned to ride a bicycle, against the backdrop of garage doors in back lanes.
Sometimes I walk Dublin’s lanes just to look at the doors, with their graffiti, rust, and peeling wood. Here’s a collage of 50 photos (to go with earlier collage of 40 doors). [...]

The Doors of Dublin Lanes

Some photos I’ve taken in the back lanes of Dublin West.
There’s 40 doors in this collage, most of them garage doors. I don’t necessarily like or dislike graffiti, but I’m spellbound by painted out graffiti. Peeling wood and rusting metal I find impossible to dislike, and before all of that the painted squares and [...]

Photo: Abbey Street, That Door

Another Dublin photo. This one is of that door on Middle Abbey Street, right by where my old bus terminus used to be, across the road from where the Aldelphi used to be, and the old Lighthouse come to think of. See what recession’s do, they get you thinking of Dublin in the rare ould [...]

Photo: Number 18

A photo of a door I took the other day walking down Dublin’s north quays - I think this was on Upper Ormond Quay.

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