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Photo Collage: Dublin - Back Lane Doors II

Growing up in Dublin West I’ve walked, played, and learned to ride a bicycle, against the backdrop of garage doors in back lanes.
Sometimes I walk Dublin’s lanes just to look at the doors, with their graffiti, rust, and peeling wood. Here’s a collage of 50 photos (to go with earlier collage of 40 doors). [...]

Photo: Pac Man Wheel

Took this photo today in town on Dublin’s St Augustine Street. I didn’t have my proper camera with me so this was taken using the phone, but with Pac Man and a bicycle wheel it’s too good not to post regardless of quality.

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Photo: Blue Graffiti, Orange Bag

This piece of graffiti is on the route that the dog chooses, the odd day I relent and let her pick.
You know how I feel about walls, but also, I do like an orange bag.

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The Doors of Dublin Lanes

Some photos I’ve taken in the back lanes of Dublin West.
There’s 40 doors in this collage, most of them garage doors. I don’t necessarily like or dislike graffiti, but I’m spellbound by painted out graffiti. Peeling wood and rusting metal I find impossible to dislike, and before all of that the painted squares and [...]

Photo: Graffiti, Genoa

Although my trip to Italy last year was full of spectacular scenery - that yielded for example my painting of Pegli - I was probably happiest taking photos of walls. Only a couple of those were of grafitti mind you, but this particular set I took more than one picture of, as it was one [...]

End of the Road in a Dublin Suburb

A summer photo from the suburbs of Dublin West for you. Somebody painted the place while I was in America. In the spring the graffiti goes quite well with the tree blossoms.

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