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My Studio - Audio Slideshow

Eolai from Markham Nolan on Vimeo.

A few days ago, while I was preparing for my show at the 2010 Irish Blog Awards, I had the pleasure of a visit to my studio by Markham Nolan. While I worked away Markham took dozens of photos and then recorded a short interview.

Technical problems meant you’re spared listening to me and instead get the wonderful sounds of The Redneck Manifesto.

Check out Markham’s site for more background on the project. I think he took some lovely photos.


  1. That was great. The film was so nicely constructed, with lovely music. But it is a shame we couldn’t hear your voice. Maybe another time. :)

  2. savannah says:

    well done video and text, sugar! xoxox

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  4. Debz says:

    That was so cool to watch and I loved the quotations. Wish I’d been able to make the blog awards and see some up close. Next year maybe? :)

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  7. siobhán says:

    Hi Eolaí, this was a great break from the greens and blues of the everyday. The whole site is brilliant. Found you on ArtMap.Can you tell me how you put the guy’s on the right, permanently frozen in movement? LOOve it. Congrats on the blog awards how do make time to paint and etc?

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