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Painting: From Grattan Bridge

From Grattan Bridge
16″ x 12″

Grattan Bridge I’ve painted from several angles and I’m not sure which is my favourite view, but I do like the hippocamp lamps. Growing up I assumed the view east along the river would never change. That was before the IFSC, the Millenium Bridge, the Boardwalk, and George’s Quay Plaza.

View from Grattan Bridge east to the pedestrian bridges and Liberty Hall
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Every day I’m going to reduce the price of the painting by €10 until sold.

Tuesday, 29/06/2010 = €200
Wednesday, 30/06/2010 = €190
Thursday, 01/07/2010 = €180
Friday, 02/07/2010 = €170
Saturday, 03/07/2010 = €160
Sunday, 04/07/2010 = €150 (+€11 S&H) SOLD

You can pay via the PayPal link above (incl with credit card) or if you’re known to me give me a shout (via twitter or email: to arrange payment by cash/bank transfer/personal cheque

You can also save paying shipping by collecting the painting from my studio in Lucan or meeting me in Dublin.

Grattan Bridge
Note, for people who don’t know their Dublin bridges Grattan Bridge is often called Capel Street Bridge, joining as it does Capel St on the north side to Parliament Street on the south.

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  1. CapallGlas says:

    Very nice. I have also enjoyed the hippocampus lamps. It is unlikely to reach my budget before someone snaps it up. Still, I’ll keep an eye on it.

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  4. Valerie says:

    What a wonderful image and I love the angle that it’s taken from. I have an original by another artist taken on the opposite side of the bridge looking up towards the Four Courts at evening time. The light is particularly beautiful and those wonderful lamps are a feature of the print. It would be so fab to own your painting too so that I had a view of my lovely city from both angles. Will be watching your space closely. Thanks for showing us your work and for being imaginative and fun. Have a look at what Graham Knuttel is doing on Facebook and Twitter to promote himself and his work- he has created such a buzz over a print give away .

  5. E gan F says:

    Thanks very much Valerie.

    I also do giveaways here - but of original paintings. When I put some more paintings into the prizepool I’ll run the next one - it’s usually fun with no hoops for participants to jump through beyond simply guessing the answer to a question.

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