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Liverpool Pier Head

This little painting I did today doesn’t do justice to the Three Graces of Liverpool’s Pier Head, but I plan to paint it again, larger and on site - maybe next year.

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The Three Graces are, from left to right, the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building, and the Port of Liverpool Building.
For [...]

Painting: Sheep

24″ x 12″
canvas, unframed
€225 €165 SOLD
S&H €15
This is called simply Sheep not because it’s like a Star Trek reboot of my sheep paintings, but because it’s the first painting of sheep I started - having begun it years, yes years, before Sheep, Stone Wall and Sheep, Stone Wall II.

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I like shapes. I [...]

Painting: Liberty Hall and O’Connell Bridge

Liberty Hall & O’Connell Bridge
16″ x 12″
canvas, unframed
Buy this painting on a card or print - the original is sold.
Standing at the wall of the river Liffey on Dublin’s Aston Quay I love looking at Liberty Hall in its party hat, and at the junction, which I’ve drawn and painted several times, of the bridge [...]

Art Show by Bicycle

Recently I showed some paintings at the People’s Art Exhibition on Stephen’s Green, Dublin. I won’t list all the items this time but paintings, packaging, tools, tea, stool, and everything needed to show the paintings on the railings, were all transported from my studio in Lucan the 15km (9.5 miles) or so to the city [...]

Painting: From Grattan Bridge

From Grattan Bridge
16″ x 12″
Grattan Bridge I’ve painted from several angles and I’m not sure which is my favourite view, but I do like the hippocamp lamps. Growing up I assumed the view east along the river would never change. That was before the IFSC, the Millenium Bridge, the Boardwalk, and George’s Quay Plaza.

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Paintings in Progress

Some paintings in progress at the moment. Some have been on the go for some time and are long overdue, others are more recently started. With momentum restored, all should now be coming to completion shortly. Next exhibition is on June 25-27 2010 at the People’s Art on Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

More Studio Photos
   • Me in [...]

How I Sell Paintings Online

To date I estimate I’ve sold about 300 paintings with 95% of those sales being online. This post is for people who miss out on certain paintings and sales, and for those interested in selling paintings, be they fellow artists or those in marketing.
It should give you an understanding of how you can find [...]

Painting: To The Beach

Here’s the 2nd of 2 paintings finished recently that went to Moscow.
To The Beach
40.5 x 30.5 cm (16 x 12 inches)

I started this painting so many years ago I can’t even remember where exactly it’s of anymore. It was originally of a scene somewhere in the Killary Harbour area, the fjord that separates Connemara [...]

Painting Giveaway #6 Name Those Animals

The painting below of The Claddagh in Galway sold at the last show. When I delivered it, their very young son asked me if the houses were for animals. Further into the conversation he explained that he had asked that question because he could see [drumroll] what kind of animals in the painting?
The 1st person [...]

Kinsale IV Painting in Progress

Here’s a photo in the studio from before the last show.
The painting on the art table is Kinsale IV and at this stage was nearing completion.
You can also see the wall of paintings, made from paintings in progress, that changes shape throughout the day.

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You may remember the art table from when [...]