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Here is the painting on which I based the question for painting giveaway #5. The painting is in acrylic on canvas with painted sides. I think it’s 15 inches by 15 inches.
It was painted this month, April 2009 and depicts rooks in a tree where Dublin 20 meets Dublin 10. Indeed I think some [...]

Painting Giveaway #5: How Many Rooks

At the moment I have some paintings on display at the Rathmines Festival.
Two of those paintings feature birds. One is of a single rook in flight but if you can be the first person in the comments below to tell me how many rooks feature in the other painting, you can have for free [...]

Rathmines Festival Art Exhibition

Some paintings of mine are on display this weekend at the 2009 Rathmines Festival in Dublin.
It’s a group show and takes place in the Swan Centre from noon until 7pm starting on Thursday, April 23 and ending on Sunday, April 26, 2006.
If you’re not familiar with Rathmines, the Swan Centre is a shopping centre on [...]

Answer #4: A Painting in 4 Stages

For Painting Giveaway #4 I asked you what was the name of the finished painting that started off looking like this first picture:

Although it might not seem like it, I knew what the finished painting would look like at this stage.
And for those who thought it looked like a map, specifically of Australia, you [...]

Painting Giveaway #4: Name That Painting

Yesterday my IrishKC site turned 3 years old. Somewhere in those 3 years is a picture of the finished version of this painting pictured here.

This is the very beginning of the painting, so it may look nothing at all like this in its finished form. Or it may.
The first person to leave a comment below [...]

Free Shipping of Prints (US Ground Only)

ImageKind, who I sell Prints of my paintings through, are currently running a Free Shipping promotion. (applies to US ground shipping only)
Use promo code: REFRESH1 (expires March 9th 2009 midnight PST)

IBA ‘09 Paintings Sale

These are the paintings that were exhibited in the Cork International Airport Hotel at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards.
Click on the paintings for larger views and payment details.

Pegli (30×30ins, 1,150 EUR)
Elevator, Sunday (40×30ins, 950 EUR)

Ballina II SOLD(16×12ins)
Waterford SOLD(16×12ins)

Sheep, Stone Wall SOLD (10×10ins, 90 EUR)
Cliffs of Moher III SOLD (10×10ins)

Stone Cottage SOLD (24×12ins, [...]

Short Sale Starts Tomorrow

The paintings that were exhibited at the Irish Blog Awards will be put online for sale tomorrow, Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at the same prices they were shown at in Cork, and then on Monday, March 9 I’ll end the sale and increase the prices by about 20%.
There were 17 paintings exhibited at the 2009 [...]

Painted T-Shirt

It was about 2 years ago. I was painting something, a picture, when I went to the tea pot and then on to the jax. It wasn’t a very big journey in my little American house, but nonetheless I took the paintbrush I was currently using with me.
Unless you’re painting in freezing and damp conditions [...]

Auction of Irish Painting for IBA09 Charities

My painting Rosmuc, An Aill Bhuí is being auctioned for the charities associated with the 2009 Irish Blog Awards.
UPDATE: Auction is now over - thank you to everybody for bidding and supporting.

(click to enlarge)
Auction: on eBay
(item No: 270350421009)
The painting was exhibited at the Awards in the fabulous Cork International Airport Hotel, and the auction for [...]