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Painting Giveaway #4: Name That Painting

Yesterday my IrishKC site turned 3 years old. Somewhere in those 3 years is a picture of the finished version of this painting pictured here.

the beginning of a painting of something you're trying to work out

This is the very beginning of the painting, so it may look nothing at all like this in its finished form. Or it may.

The first person to leave a comment below telling me the name of the finished painting gets a painting of their choice for free from the prizepool.

I’m not sure how long I’ll leave this open for - it depends on the guesses I suppose.


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  2. 72nd St #2. It just feels right…or wrong, I’m not sure.

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  4. american_eejit says:

    Squares in the Basement?

  5. CapallGlas says:

    Hey! I’m guessing Kinsale II. I had a couple of other guesses, but went with this one.

  6. Is it called Waltzing Matilda?

  7. manuel says:

    gay australia?

  8. martha says:

    “Kansas City at Night”.

  9. Ciaran says:


  10. Shane O'Grady says:

    I think it’s 72nd St #3

  11. Looks like ‘Tree Creature’ to me.

  12. Suzanne says:

    Is it “She’s Kinda Special” ?

  13. Paul Anthony says:

    Painting of Bantry, Cork ?

  14. Raul says:

    “Yes you can !” :)

  15. Siobhan says:

    is it Genoa - A Painting

  16. Vicki says:

    Is it “Remembering”?

  17. E gan F says:

    We have a winner - I’ll reveal who in a new post where I’ll publish pictures of the painting as it progressed from the image above to the finished painting.

    You’ll only actually need the next picture to spot what it is, I reckion - apart from the winner who already has of course - but the exercise should help you with the next competition like this I run - which is probably only days away.

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