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Answer #4: A Painting in 4 Stages

For Painting Giveaway #4 I asked you what was the name of the finished painting that started off looking like this first picture:
Painting Quiz

Although it might not seem like it, I knew what the finished painting would look like at this stage.

And for those who thought it looked like a map, specifically of Australia, you weren’t a million miles away. You were thousands.
Painting Quiz stage 2

This is what happened next.
Painting Quiz stage 3

And the finished painting:
Painting Quiz stage 4

Yes, that’s Genoa. So the winning answer was the 16th answer submitted, and that came from Siobhan.

Congratulations! I’ll drop you an email to make sure, but you can go ahead and choose a painting from the prizepool.

Note that the paintings in the prizepool vary greatly in size - from 20×16 inches down to 3×2 inches. I plan to add brand new paintings to it in time for the next giveaway, and ultimately to grow it up to between 50 and 100 paintings.

I really enjoyed this particular giveaway competition, so I plan to do more just like it. Keep an eye on Bicyclistic to spot the giveaways when they occur.


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  2. manuel says:

    not even if I had been guessing for a thousand years would I have got it right…….

  3. E gan F says:

    And to think I was worried about it being too easy! The thumbnail of it was just down the page from the original question - if only you’d scrolled…

    Anyway, now you’ll have a better idea for the next one!

  4. Steve Lauman says:

    Very nice. I like your work.

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