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Painting Giveaway #6 Name Those Animals

The painting below of The Claddagh in Galway sold at the last show. When I delivered it, their very young son asked me if the houses were for animals. Further into the conversation he explained that he had asked that question because he could see [drumroll] what kind of animals in the painting?
The 1st person [...]


Here is the painting on which I based the question for painting giveaway #5. The painting is in acrylic on canvas with painted sides. I think it’s 15 inches by 15 inches.
It was painted this month, April 2009 and depicts rooks in a tree where Dublin 20 meets Dublin 10. Indeed I think some [...]

Painting Giveaway #5: How Many Rooks

At the moment I have some paintings on display at the Rathmines Festival.
Two of those paintings feature birds. One is of a single rook in flight but if you can be the first person in the comments below to tell me how many rooks feature in the other painting, you can have for free [...]

Answer #4: A Painting in 4 Stages

For Painting Giveaway #4 I asked you what was the name of the finished painting that started off looking like this first picture:

Although it might not seem like it, I knew what the finished painting would look like at this stage.
And for those who thought it looked like a map, specifically of Australia, you [...]

Painting Giveaway #4: Name That Painting

Yesterday my IrishKC site turned 3 years old. Somewhere in those 3 years is a picture of the finished version of this painting pictured here.

This is the very beginning of the painting, so it may look nothing at all like this in its finished form. Or it may.
The first person to leave a comment below [...]


For those waiting to see who won the latest free painting thing I ran, the answer to the question of how many paintings I exhibited at the Irish Blog Awards is 17.
17 was chosen by Patricia, who can now choose a painting from the prizepool. I believe I promised to add in at least another [...]

If You See Me at the Blog Awards

If you see me at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards, I’ll be the one with too much hair eating my own beard.
I have some paintings going on display so you may be wondering who I am. It may appear that I am not smiling, but that’s because I’m miserable and don’t like people. [...]

Painting Giveaway #3

The first correct answer (left as comment on this post), or the earliest closest if nobody gets it right, wins their choice of painting from the prizepool of paintings. I think there’s 14 paintings in there now and I intend to add to it during this competition, but it’s a busy week - which brings [...]

Free Painting #2 - Winner

For the 2nd painting giveaway here on, I asked a question that, like the 1st question, was guessable but if you fancied doing some serious homework (or were a reader with a freakish memory of my site IrishKC) you’d have a better chance of getting closer to the answer.
Question: In USD what is the [...]

Painting Prizepool

This collection of paintings form a pool from which prizes can be chosen in one of the frequent giveaway competitions I run here on Bicyclistic.
Scroll down to see the latest competition. To keep informed of the free painting giveways, follow this blog by feed, subscribe to updates by email, or follow me on Twitter
I intend [...]