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Painting Giveaway #6 Name Those Animals

The painting below of The Claddagh in Galway sold at the last show. When I delivered it, their very young son asked me if the houses were for animals. Further into the conversation he explained that he had asked that question because he could see [drumroll] what kind of animals in the painting?

The 1st person in the comments below to identify the animals can have for free a painting of their choice from the prizepool. To be clear I’m looking for the type of animals e.g. duck-billed platypuses (not the right answer).

painting of the claddagh in Galway

The competition will run for, probably not very long. And I think I’ll leave your answers in moderation for a bit to add to the suspense.

Update: All answers are now released from moderation, and the 1st person with the correct answer was Raul.

I laughed at a lot of the answers, and many of them are not without merit, but the winning answer is the one that little Theo supplied to prompt me asking the question in the first place. If you’re one of those who hasn’t spotted what Theo did, here’s the picture with the animals highlighted.

And I’d like to thank Theo for changing forever the way that I, and probably you, will look at that painting!


  1. raul says:

    Giraffe !

  2. Well I think I can see a snail and a hedgehog and possibly an elephant at the back?

  3. garlicdog says:


  4. Brian says:

    Would the animals be giraffes!!1

  5. Mic says:


  6. Tom says:






  7. McAWilliams says:

    could it be elephants?

  8. Christian vdB says:


  9. Rory says:


  10. Is it a lamb?

    (Crazy guess I know)

  11. Ok I’m looking at this again and now I’m seeing a rhinocerous, some kind of dinosaur tail and a shark.

    (Damn, looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue)

  12. keith says:


  13. Spaghetti Hoop says:

    I can see a Scots Terrier on the skyline

  14. Sian Maloney says:

    To be exact - Giraffa camelopardalis :)

  15. John Braine says:

    i can clearly see giraffes!

  16. elly parker says:

    Giraffes! If you squint you can see the yellow houses looking like giraffes necks!

  17. Trevor Power says:

    Clearly Giraffes.

  18. AnDisOganF says:

    Well it would be rude not to offer up Stripy Donkey (the black and white kind)as a guess. But I see them everywhere. Has anyone seen the H&M window?

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  20. Pam Harris says:

    Cats (down in the water)

  21. Grandad says:

    Hah! Giraffes ;-)

  22. brianmc says:

    Look at the giraffes! :D

  23. E gan F says:

    If you’re wondering, your answers are being kept in moderation to be all approved in one fell swoop a bit later today.

  24. Peter Collins says:

    Hey ya, My guess is a Crocodile as it looks like there’s one lurking behind the row of houses!

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  26. Linda Carr says:

    It’s the Two Giraffes that make up the yellow houses!

  27. Peter Collins says:

    Oh and the Giraffes and elephants!

  28. Linda Carr says:

    3 Elephants 2 small yellow house and the last white house,

  29. LGabrielse says:

    Mallard ducks

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  31. Elaina says:

    I’m guessing mice. Looks like mice to me, if I squint!

  32. Capallglas says:

    hamsters. lots and lots of hamsters. hundreds. everywhere.

  33. Spyder says:


  34. Ruth Seeley says:

    Living on the west coast of North America I’m at a bit of a disadvantage time-wise for these contests, but thought I should say 1. the idea of winning a painting is rather thrilling and 2. I really like this one!

  35. E gan F says:

    Ruth, thank you very much!

    And yes you were definitely at a disadvantage in this competition -but it’s not always that way for the west coast of North America as I frequently work through the night and sometimes therefore launch competitions when western Europe is in bed. Also some previous competitions were more difficult and have lasted for days so the time differences around the globe weren’t as crucial.

    But thanks for the kind comments and I’ll try and think of ways to allow everyone to particpate equally regardless of where they live. Cheers!

  36. Raul says:

    Oh, my, God ! I won ! ( still can’t believe ) …

    Thank you Eolai !

  37. where are the giraffes? I can’t see them :(

  38. E gan F says:

    Prompted by Clare and LGabrielse, here for anyone whose inner childlike vision wasn’t working, is the picture with the 2 giraffes outlined in red.

    I’m thinking maybe I’ll paint all future pictures with animals hidden in them somewhere, so I can do this again :)

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