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For those waiting to see who won the latest free painting thing I ran, the answer to the question of how many paintings I exhibited at the Irish Blog Awards is 17.

17 was chosen by Patricia, who can now choose a painting from the prizepool. I believe I promised to add in at least another one, so I’ll do that in a couple of days (I need a day to recover after the effort of getting ready for the show).

There will definitely be more giveaways, again with questions that are guessable, and I plan to add a significant number of paintings, including larger ones, into the prizepool. Stay tuned. Tell your friends. Make friends.


  1. E gan F says:

    I was actually aiming for 25, so had I just failed you would have won Manuel! But when I fail in my goals I fail properly.

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  3. Patricia says:

    Whoo hoo!!! I’m so thrilled!! After I answered, I went back and re-read the post which stated, “….there are 14 paintings in there now…..” and figured I had guessed too low but was sure glad I didn’t guess below 14. I’ll choose the prize shortly. How did the Blog Awards go? Did ya win?

  4. elly parker says:

    @E gan F - please drop me a mail so that I can sort out paying for the water tower painting when it suits you!

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