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Here is the painting on which I based the question for painting giveaway #5. The painting is in acrylic on canvas with painted sides. I think it’s 15 inches by 15 inches.

It was painted this month, April 2009 and depicts rooks in a tree where Dublin 20 meets Dublin 10. Indeed I think some of the rooks are in Ballyfermot, and some of the rooks are in Palmerstown.

See if you would have got the right answer to how many rooks are in the painting if you had seen it in the exhibition in the Rathmines Festival. The answer is down at the bottom of the post.

Rookery painting

Here is a view of the painting from the side:
Rookery painting

And here are the rooks counted for you. Trust me, the answer is right - I painted them:
Rookery painting

Nobody got the answer right with most people guessing low (AJ was late and 1 further out, jsilke guessed way too high when going with the number of waves, and Fernando spectacularly overestimated the amount of love in my heart) - and so the winner is the person with the closest guess to 19. That was 15 and Debbie guessed it first, before Sugar Britches did.

Debbie can choose a painting for her good self from the prizepool

With that exhibition over I’ll start to add more paintings into the prizepool now and aim to run giveaways more frequently. Thanks for playing everyone.


  1. Debbie says:

    Fantastic, thank you! Can’t believe I’ve won again - I seem to be very lucky. :)

  2. A day late and a dollar short, I am.

  3. martha says:

    See, I TOLD you that family congregates in prime numbers! Congratulations to Debbie!

  4. Patricia says:

    Love that painting! Will we get to see the others from the exhibit?

  5. E gan F says:

    Debbie - congrats - and nice choice

    Sugar Britches - Oh so close. So so close.

    Martha - You did. They’ll pay attention next time. When I paint an ant colony.

    Patricia - Thanks. And yep. I’m trying to organise them now - so should have them up in the morning at the prices they were in the show for a few days and then I’m going to double the prices.

    There were 14 paintings in the show. You’ve seen 6 already, as they were exhibited in Cork. So there are 8 others, well 7, because Rookery sold.

    Three of the others also sold, The Claddagh, Sheep, Stone Wall (I’m really going to miss that sheep), and Stone Cottage.

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  7. jsilke says:

    Well done Debbie, Well done E gan F for a successful show.

  8. E gan F says:

    And here are those other paintings exhibited at the Rathmines Festival, including the single rook painting referred to in the giveaway post.

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