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Pied Wagtail

It’s impossible to dislike wagtails. Or to ignore them. I mean, imagine if people moved like this.

Rain leaves puddles in the grass and wagtails aren’t usually far from water. Which is probably why there was one on the roof the day I left the cottage.

This is a photo I took of a pied wagtail in Dublin.

Photo of a Pied Wagtail in puddle

There’s a grey wagtail I see from my studio most days, walking around on the cobblestones doing a tour of the puddles in the yard. Having yellow on him, despite his name, he’s more cheery looking than the pied wagtail but I like all wagtails - my favourite being one I watched on the rocks beside me as I crossed a river in the Himalaya once upon a time back when boots were cheaper.

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  1. Sniffle says:

    Hey Eolai, ( no fada still) , howsitgoin, howrtings?,

    I remember that day you left the cottege. I know it’s not all about me,me,me, but I liked that whole cottege thing.

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