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Paintings in Progress

Some paintings in progress at the moment. Some have been on the go for some time and are long overdue, others are more recently started. With momentum restored, all should now be coming to completion shortly. Next exhibition is on June 25-27 2010 at the People’s Art on Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

More Studio Photos
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Kinsale IV Painting in Progress

Here’s a photo in the studio from before the last show.
The painting on the art table is Kinsale IV and at this stage was nearing completion.
You can also see the wall of paintings, made from paintings in progress, that changes shape throughout the day.

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You may remember the art table from when [...]

Answer #4: A Painting in 4 Stages

For Painting Giveaway #4 I asked you what was the name of the finished painting that started off looking like this first picture:

Although it might not seem like it, I knew what the finished painting would look like at this stage.
And for those who thought it looked like a map, specifically of Australia, you [...]

Painting Giveaway #4: Name That Painting

Yesterday my IrishKC site turned 3 years old. Somewhere in those 3 years is a picture of the finished version of this painting pictured here.

This is the very beginning of the painting, so it may look nothing at all like this in its finished form. Or it may.
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Painting-in-Progress: Stone Cottage

This painting of a stone cottage in the west of Ireland (I promise, I’ll get to painting cottages in the east of Ireland in time) is from a couple of days ago. Or maybe it was yesterday. Most of these days are a cold sleepless blur.
Anyway since then it has advanced and is now only [...]