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Cycle Tour Photo: Arizona

Here’s a snap from my Cycle Across America photo album. I haven’t even taken the picture out of the album - so you’re looking at a photo of a photo behind plastic. Anyway, I’m just posting it because it goes with the words from the section of the trip I posted yesterday - a day [...]

Photo: Snowy Sunset Dublin

Much as I don’t like being out in the snow (I really don’t, so don’t go trying to convert me), I am enjoying a lot of the images it throws up. The skies especially have me frequently entranced.
Thanks to walks with the dog I have a fair few photos like this one looking towards [...]

Photo: Dublin, A Horse

Here’s a photo I took the other day of a horse here in Dublin West.
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Dog-dog was well behaved but then she’s getting used to seeing horses every day now. This photo was taken just a couple of minutes from my door.
Some Photos on my Other Site
   • Ireland - It Wasn’t All Mountains & [...]

XtraCycle in Ireland

Last autumn I lived in the northwest corner of Ireland. This is my bike on the way home from the shops. The village was 4 miles away and the picture was taken with just a mile or so to go home - you can see my cottage in the distance.

(click to enlarge)
The beauty of an [...]

Auction of Irish Painting for IBA09 Charities

My painting Rosmuc, An Aill Bhuí is being auctioned for the charities associated with the 2009 Irish Blog Awards.
UPDATE: Auction is now over - thank you to everybody for bidding and supporting.

(click to enlarge)
Auction: on eBay
(item No: 270350421009)
The painting was exhibited at the Awards in the fabulous Cork International Airport Hotel, and the auction for [...]

Which Original Irish Painting to Auction for Charity?

As an thank you for my participation in the 2009 Irish Blog Awards at the very wonderderful Cork International Airport Hotel, there is an auction to benefit the charities associated with the ‘09 Awards.
I had wanted to give the winner of the auction a choice from one of these 5 paintings that were exhibited at [...]

Prints of Paintings

Currently almost 200 of my paintings are available as prints and/or cards. Matted, mounted, and photographic prints as well as prints on canvas and framed prints are available for most of these paintings. The service is provided by RedBubble who print your order in whichever is nearer to you of the US, UK, and Australia [...]