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XtraCycle in Ireland

Last autumn I lived in the northwest corner of Ireland. This is my bike on the way home from the shops. The village was 4 miles away and the picture was taken with just a mile or so to go home - you can see my cottage in the distance.

XtraCycle in Ireland
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The beauty of an XtraCycle bike is that when you are carrying nothing it rides like an ordinary bike, but should you suddenly have the need to carry something - you can. In this picture I have food and supplies for a few days, but also a load of wood, branches and scrapwood, that I picked up along the road to be used as firewood.

Long-time readers of my scrawlings will know that my bicycle goes by the name of Long-Grass. As standard road bikes go it’s long, but that’s not where Long-Grass got its name from.

A touring bike now acting as a commuting bike that lives off tales of former glories, much like myself, Long-Grass became longer 4 years ago when it transformed into an XtraCycle. Strictly speaking the terminology is that I purchased a Free Radical kit from the company called XtraCycle, and applied it to my bike. Whatever it’s called, it remains the best thing I have ever bought.

When I moved to Kansas City, the wise and the good (and the unthinking and the dishonest) told me that living in KC would be impossible without a car, especially if you were a parent. Thanks to XtraCycle, they were very wrong.

One day I’ll do a list of the things I have carried on my XtraCycle bike.

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[note: my bike is actually a Cannondale T-Something-Or-Other]


  1. So… When are you going to post your next installment of Cycling Across America? I need to hit the open road again. (vicariously through you, obviously)

  2. E gan F says:

    Oops, forgot to answer this, sorry! It should start flowing again very soon, though my very soons aren’t always as soon as other people’s very soons.

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