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Photo: Dublin, Wild West

In my teens I used to count 31 horses that were regularly kept in the fields near my home. In what was often an apprenticeship to joyriding, some people I knew used to try and catch them with a view to getting a free ride. Chasing somebody else’s horse would get you an awful hiding [...]

Photo: Smithfield Horses

Perhaps I’m just older now, but these days I find the redesigned Smithfield just as much out of place and time as a horse market in the centre of a city.
On the other hand cycling on cobblestones hasn’t bothered me since I hit a 30-mile stretch in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. That was [...]

Photo: Dublin, A Horse

Here’s a photo I took the other day of a horse here in Dublin West.
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Dog-dog was well behaved but then she’s getting used to seeing horses every day now. This photo was taken just a couple of minutes from my door.
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Get Up The Yard

My studio is in a cobbled stableyard in an estate that runs from the edge of the River Liffey to the top of the Liffey Valley in a beautiful corner of Dublin West quiet close to County Kildare.
I’ve already shown you some shots of inside my studio, so here are some shots of the extraordinary [...]