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Liverpool Pier Head

This little painting I did today doesn’t do justice to the Three Graces of Liverpool’s Pier Head, but I plan to paint it again, larger and on site - maybe next year.

painting of Liverpool's Pier Head
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The Three Graces are, from left to right, the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building, and the Port of Liverpool Building.

For my money the Royal Liver Building gets far too much attention and I much prefer the 2 other buildings, inside as well as out. My favourite is the building where I once studied, the oldest of the 3, the Port of Liverpool Building. It is also the former home of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, so you’ll still hear people refer to it as such, and it is magnificent inside.

Because even in my lifetime the terminal for the Mersey ferry has changed so much, I decided to play god and leave it out.

This painting of my mother’s native city was done for Mothers Day.


  1. Jan Preston says:

    It’s a beautiful painting Liam - I’m sure your mother loves it.
    I miss my home town! But if you’re planning a visit do let me know when that will be and I will try and arrange to coincide a visit. It’s been along time! Of course if you want to visit Minehead (Exmoor/Quantocks) walking/cycling country anytime you would be very welcome. (Kev’s a keen cyclist too). very best wishes. J x

  2. E gan F says:

    Feels like a lifetime. Had hoped to make it over early this year but the knock -on effect of a big January flu means it won’t be for quite some time now. I miss it too.

    However if my big (soon to be blogged to death) plans of cycling and painting in Ireland for the summer work out then it will open the doors to returning to the frequency of travel further afield like I use to do. Thank you. I’ll keep you posted on all fronts.

  3. [via Twitter]

    I hope she likes it

  4. [via Twitter]

    Lovely, vibrant view. Thanks for putting it up.

  5. [via Twitter]

    do like your paintings, glad this wasn’t the footie team - lovely Mother’s Day pressie

  6. [via twitter]

    oh wow, gorgeous.

  7. Mise says:

    I’m very impressed by its vivid dignity.

  8. Ian in oz says:

    Do you have any more of this to sell…..

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