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Painting: To The Beach

Here’s the 2nd of 2 paintings finished recently that went to Moscow.

To The Beach
40.5 x 30.5 cm (16 x 12 inches)

painting of a coastal scene in Ireland in and around where Mayo and Connemara meet

I started this painting so many years ago I can’t even remember where exactly it’s of anymore. It was originally of a scene somewhere in the Killary Harbour area, the fjord that separates Connemara from Mayo. I’ll have changed it since then though, because you can do that with a paintbrush, and my memory isn’t what it used to be.

Before my brief attempt at living in Donegal, north of Killary was where I had most looked to live (after fruitless searches for a cheap cottage on Innishmaan).

When it was finished it went straight to Russia with Coast, The West, which is why it’s not a great photo - the light was lousy in the few minutes I had with it.

To The Beach is SOLD.

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  1. vg says:

    Even nicer than I remember.

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