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Studio Re-Roof Status

Just a post to let everyone that the studio is still not back in a condition to accept visitors. The scaffolding went up in November, and the roof was taken off over 7 weeks ago. Throw in Christmas, the snow, burst pipes, and a technical matter relating to guttering, and I’m still not yet back in there painting.

It’s a construction site and, I suspect, will be for some time:
scaffolding at my studio

slates, whole and broken

This is what it looks like inside. Half of the studio, the whole length of it, has survived with just felt for a roof. This would be the half with the wet sections.
Inside the studio, under wraps

Somewhere under there is everything but some paints and brushes, and most paintings in progress. That’s a whole lot of art materials as well as things like my sketchbooks, photos, and art reference books. And since most stuff was moved into these piles by other people, I don’t know where most things are.

This is down the end behind the tent:

Mortar, water, behind the tent in the studio

So I’ll have a spot of cleaning to do when I do get back in.

Apologies to everyone I’ve had to turn away in the last couple of months, but I think now it really is only days away from my return.

I don’t do well being separated from my stuff.

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