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Notifications in a Twitterless World

The value of twitter was always in seeing what others said rather than in saying things yourself, even when they weren’t necessarily talking directly to you.

For some this option was overwhelming, or it would have been had they changed from the default setting to pay attention only to what was being said in a wholly predefined world. Those of us who chose the option to watch that waterfall of conversation however, have now had that option removed.

If you don’t understand this or the fuss it has caused imagine if suddenly mobile/cell phones were rendered ineffective and everybody was told to go back to using landline phones only - with a cord.

I’m aiming for a big online sale of new paintings late next week. I never make my targets so I don’t know when it will really take place. Ordinarily you’d find out first via twitter. But despite the advantage to me in posting about such things on twitter, having now lost the ability to follow what most people I follow are saying, I see little point in using it anymore. So I’ve left twitter (and so has my dog).

Assuming you don’t sit on this blog hitting the refresh button, you’ll now have to use whatever feed reader you use, or wait for the email notification for the earliest notification of the art sale. You might have done that anyway but typically during these big online art sales, people who miss the twitter notifications say they wanted to buy the paintings that sold first.

Meanwhile, I’ll miss you.

Update: All Is Right With The World Again

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