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Dog-Dog’s Birthday Beach Trip

Dog-Dog just celebrated her 2nd birthday since moving to Ireland from America, and like last year she was in County Wexford for the event. So we went to the beach, where she behaved like any 8-year old would. You’ll probably want to enlarge it to see it properly:

Collage of photos of Dog-Dog at beach in Wexford
click to enlarge


  1. [via Twitter]

    Aww! What a lovely day. Look at you swimming! Happy Birthday :)

  2. [via Twitter]

    You’re so brave. I’m afraid of the water.

  3. AnDisOganF says:

    Oh happy birthday! I went to visit you today but you were still in absentium.

  4. Nice. Can’t let my dog see or he’d be jealous.

  5. [via Twitter]

    What a lovely day for DogDog to spend at the beach. He looks like he is having a fun time.

  6. [via Twitter]

    What fun. She is such a cutie. It looks as though you both enjoyed yourselves.

  7. [via Twitter]

    many happy returns, albeit belated. You have a lovely smile!

  8. [via Twitter]

    Looks like you had a great birthday ;)

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