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Photo: The Liffey Swim

A photo of a Dublin tradition for you. It’s the start of the Liffey Swim taken last weekend.

From the start here at Rory O’More bridge, to as far as O’Connell Bridge, I walked along the quays following the Liffey Swim as I listened to shouts of “You’re gonna get dysentry”. The rest of the photos I took of the race I’ll post on my FaceBook page or in

photo of the start of the Liffey Swim in Dublin, Ireland
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  1. AnDisOganF says:

    Is that my bridge? Didn’t know it had its own name. Always thought it was just the “Blue Bridge”

  2. E gan F says:

    Yes. Some people call it Watling Street bridge, for the same reason they call Grattan Bridge Capel St bridge, and O’Oonnell Bridge O’Connell Street bridge, but the rebellious Rory O’More it is.

    It used to be the Queen Victoria Bridge, but Independence changed that. Some of us can’t call it the Blue Bridge because we grew up with it painted white underneath and green on top - back when Heuston Bridge was a dirty silver, and the Ha’Penny Bridge (officially the Liffey Bridge) had a wooden bottom.

    But I know what you mean.

  3. Martin says:

    wow go figure

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