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Painting: Liffey Bridges

Liffey Bridges
14″ x 11″
canvas, painted sides, unframed
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I like a glut of bridges, and because the Liffey bends its way through Dublin’s city centre there are several points to enjoy such views. This particular one is from the south quays looking east to the [...]

Painting: Frank Sherwin Bridge, Dublin

Frank Sherwin Bridge
16″ x 12″
canvas, unframed
Although Frank Sherwin Bridge does hide many views of Sean Heuston Bridge, it does at least afford newer close-up views of its older cousin. Most times when I’m crossing one I then immediately cross the other. This is only problematic if I actually want to get to the other side [...]

Painting: Loopline Bridge, Dublin

Loopline Bridge
16″ x 12″
canvas, unframed
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S&H: €11 Worldwide
Some of us never got to appreciate the views of the Custom House unobstructed by the Loopline Bridge, because we’re not 120 years old, so maybe we don’t feel as strongly against it as we should. I like railway bridges and without the advertising hoardings I think [...]

Photo: Lucan Weir

A photo of the weir on the Liffey at Lucan in west Dublin. The entrance to my studio is just along to the left, so to take this involved a short walk down through the woods and over the bridge.

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Photo: The Liffey Swim

A photo of a Dublin tradition for you. It’s the start of the Liffey Swim taken last weekend.
From the start here at Rory O’More bridge, to as far as O’Connell Bridge, I walked along the quays following the Liffey Swim as I listened to shouts of “You’re gonna get dysentry”. The rest of the [...]