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The Twug - My Twitter Mug

A couple of weeks ago, before Walter of sxoop created his very cool mosaic-making tool for Twitter followers, I cadged together a mosaic of some of my favourite Twitter followers and followees using Hahlo and a very old version of Paint Shop Pro.

Then I sent the mosaic to Le Craic, and not much later he sent me my twug, my very own twitter mug. Are you on it?

Both sides of my twitter follower mug

Much as I wish I’d thought of it, the idea was Le Craic’s, and nope the twug is not dynamic - so when people change their avatars the avatars don’t change on the mug.

The twug therefore is a snapshot of a perfect time online, a time we all know won’t last, a time before you dropped so many followees and went back to life, back to reality.

[Update: You can now order your own twug from Le Craic]


  1. Michele says:

    I can see our logo :)

  2. E gan F says:

    If anyone’s having trouble seeing themselves, here’s the actual mosaic image I used.

    I had to play around with Hahlo for a bit, but some people it just wouldn’t pull in and I gave up trying to get them after a while.

    And I had to sacrifice a few because of my vanity - I most definitely was putting my own avatar on there, in the middle, surrounded by the glory of whitespace.

  3. debbie says:

    How many avatars did you fit on there? Looks like a good fit.

  4. E gan F says:

    Debbie, I have 96 on there plus my own in the middle. If I had left that middle row filled with avatars however then there’d be 104.

    You can have more again but they start to get really small and only the most graphic are effective, I think.

  5. debbie says:

    Yes I see. Thanks. Looks great! :)

  6. That’s a damn nice job. Well done to you and also to le Craic.

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  8. savannah says:

    i have a twitter avatar, but it’s just an apple..or pear…i’m not sure. twitter seems to be one of those things that seemed a good idea at the time…*sigh* xoxo

  9. E gan F says:

    Toni - Yes you’re there, and I don’t even a box that I think of you being in; you’re just there.

    Bock - Le Craic gets all the credit - his idea, suggestion, and execution; I just handed over an image of choice, which itself is a collection of images that other people have chosen.

    Savannah - Persevere. There’s rewards in them there avatars I tell you. :)

  10. le craic says:

    My own twitter mug is now my favourite mug to drink out of. It was the Homer Simpson one for so long and I never thought I could replace it!

    Thanks for the kind words


  11. martha says:

    There’s me! Hoo hoo! Thanks for the compliment, Eolai!

  12. martha says:

    Forgot to ask: does Dog-Dog twitter?

  13. E gan F says:

    Martha - Actually, me and Dog-dog have discussed her twittering as there have been quite a few requests in fact. This would be a perfect day for her to start in fact so I’ll have a word.

  14. oh good GOS, I desperately need this!!

  15. Jennifer says:

    I think I’m the numnuts there that never uploaded a pic yet. Very cool looking mug though. Great idea, great execution.

  16. E gan F says:

    Thanks Jennifer. And because you’re going with the default image, I made sure to include the Twitter avatar equivalent of the unknown soldier - visible in the left hand photo. Le Craic is about to launch a page where you can order your own, and for a very reasonable price so keep an eye out and I’ll alert you.

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