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Left Leg

The left leg went after 4 miles. I struggled on for 2, took 2 Tylenol, struggled on, but it got worse and eventually had to stop.

I used several excuses to stop: an ATM to get cash on my VISA card, but it refused adding to my list of concerns; a telephone cheapo job to ring somebody; and every single red light. I sat at the side of the road and sometimes tried walking slowly. No luck, I was limping badly.

I cycled with one leg but I wasn’t getting very far, and it’s cumbersome doing that amongst traffic. I screamed a few times. I gritted my teeth and grimaced a lot. I only had 2 more Tylenol (extra strength) left. To take them is to double the recommended dosage but if they’re not effective then there’s no point in keeping them. I swallowed them, the pain eased and I could make the leg pedal. 2 and a half miles from the door it returned but in familiar surroundings I just gritted and limped in.

This is an excerpt from Valley of the Sun - Part 74 of the journal of my cycle across America, which I posted today on IrishKC.

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