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Photo: M50 Pedestrian Bridge, Sunset

Whenever I do an overnight painting session I try to leave my studio the next day while it’s still bright. Daylight cycling being that much more pleasant and easier, it’s a reward I try to give myself for the previous night’s sleep deprivation. The painting itself usually dictates, but when I get it right I [...]

Exhibition of Paintings at Irish Blog Awards 2010

At the 2010 Irish Blog Awards at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Galway I will be exhibiting some paintings.
[UPDATE: See the IBA 2010 paintings here ]
New Paintings
At this point I can’t tell you exactly how many paintings - because they’re not finished yet. The plan is to show paintings that haven’t been shown before, [...]

Painting Live

Today, and from time to time in the future, you can watch me painting live in my studio in Dublin.
There’s nothing planned or structured - as of yet anyway - but if you’re the sort of person who likes watching paint dry you might get something out of watching paintings inch forwards (and sometimes backwards) [...]

March 2010 Paintings

A new sale of paintings. For the 1st week these were at half-price with free shipping worldwide.

Men in C. 1

Men in C. 2

Men in C. 3

€130 SOLD

Birds, Wires 6
€95 SOLD

Birds, Wires 7
€95 SOLD

2 Rooks, 1 Wire
€65 SOLD

Clogher Hd
€39 SOLD

€45 SOLD

Irish Street III
€49 SOLD

Irish Street IV
€49 SOLD

Bloody Foreland
€35 SOLD

Yellow Tree I
€35 SOLD

Dog & Ball

Waterford II
€35 [...]