New Paintings

[To see my Paintings for Sale - click here].

Exhibition of Paintings at Irish Blog Awards 2010

At the 2010 Irish Blog Awards at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Galway I will be exhibiting some paintings.

[UPDATE: See the IBA 2010 paintings here ]

New Paintings
At this point I can’t tell you exactly how many paintings - because they’re not finished yet. The plan is to show paintings that haven’t been shown before, either online or in another exhibition.

Paintings in Progress
Follow this blog, and/or me on twitter, to get an idea of what paintings I’m working on. If you already do then you’ll have seen and/or heard of several of them already.

Watch Me Painting Live
While in progress these new paintings will feature on some live painting sessions courtesy of a webcam in my studio and

Free Painting
I’ll try and organise another free painting blog guessable competition thing to coincide with the awards - we haven’t done one for a while. I need to add more paintings into the prizepool though, as well as think of a question.

Current Online Sale
I still have almost finished a fair few paintings that are not destined for the Blog Awards. While I now will be concentrating on the paintings for Galway I expect to finish some of the other ones over the next 2 weeks and add them into the current online half-price sale thing.

When I first started blogging about my paintings it never occurred to me that I would love blogging, not because it sells paintings but, because the blogs of others tell me about the people who are buying my paintings. I am thrilled to be part of the Blog Awards, and thank Damien for the opportunity to share my paintings with bloggers.

See you at the Radisson on March 27th. I’ll be wearing a lot of hair, a nervous frown, and a woolly jumper. Register to attend the awards


  1. Lozzie says:

    Hoping to come to Ireland later this year .. too late for this event, sadly. Maybe there’ll be another ..?

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  3. Séamus says:

    Will be attending, see you there.

  4. [...] on the L’Onglex Ladies Tea Party, there’s a Galway photowalk being organised, another exhibition from Eolai and no doubt a hell of a lot [...]

  5. Rach W. says:

    Oh I wish I could go! Would love to see them in person.

  6. [...] a winner this year because I’ll be exhibiting my paintings at the awards. There’s more info on my personal site. Share [...]

  7. martha says:

    Eolai, when you do your contest giveaway, please don’t forget the time difference between Dublin and Arkansas. I keep missing out, partly because the Irish get to play before we folk in the central time zone of the US do. Also, our daylight savings goes into effect this weekend, which means I won’t know what time it is unless we’re in our car, where it’s always daylight savings time.

  8. E gan F says:

    Martha, I’ll try to remember but I often forget when in the heat of setting it all up and this time with getting paintings read for the show a priority I’ll be even more distracted. And that exyta hour will make things worse as we don’t change to our Daylight Saving Time until 2 more weeks - the night of the Awards as it happens. But I’ll try.

    I do now have the question ready at least, so that’ll take some of the pressure off. Like previous questions it will be one you can completely guess but one regular readers wuld have an advantage with.

    Of more concern is having more paintings done to expand the prizepool.

  9. E gan F says:

    Lozzie - There might be - especially if I don’t get the tennis elbow this year that wiped out last summer. When/if I know I won’t delay in posting about it here.

    Séamus - Looking forward to seeing you there.

    Rach W. - Thank you very much.

  10. savannah says:

    do i get extra credit for putting a link up days ago?


    (i’m kidding, seriously…maybe…would it work?…)

    (i hope y’all really do know i was kidding! me being anamerican and from the south and always feeling like i need to expalin my insanity…and stuff.)

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