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Paintings for Sale Oct 2010

Some new paintings on sale this October. I’m launching them at introductory prices €50 less than normal and increasing their prices by €5 every business day until they reach the normal price - or are sold.

I’m starting with 5 paintings and adding more through the week. PLEASE NOTE paintings are sold on first come basis and aren’t sold until I confirm with you that the painting is sold.

If you can’t afford them, or they’re not your cup of tea, you could still help me by telling others about them - blogging, tweeting, linking on FaceBook etc. Thanks.

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If you prefer not to use PayPal you can pay me direct - by cash or transfer or cheque/check. I actually prefer that as it saves me paying fees to PP, but work away on the PayPal links if you prefer to pay that way.

You can also save on shipping charges by collecting paintings from me at my studio in Lucan.


  1. [via Twitter]

    Some lovely new pieces from @eolai go on sale today. I’ve seen them in the flesh, Golden Leaves is lovely.

  2. [via Twitter]

    Some beautiful paintings selling on @eolai’s site today

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  4. Darragh says:

    Liam, I’ll take Birds, Wires 10 please and thanks. Will hook up with you by email to arrange delivery - happy to collect.

    Cheers, Darragh

  5. E gan F says:

    Marked it for you - thanks Darragh.

  6. [via Twitter]

    I see @eolai has an October sale of paintings. I love those birds on wires

  7. [via Twitter]

    those birds on the wires paintings are great, no suprise on sales. If I had the cash, I’ld but them! Best of luck with sales!

  8. [via Twitter]

    I am so putting money aside to get a painting during one of your forthcoming sales, LOVED the birds on a wire series

  9. [via Twitter]

    I see @eolai has added “Wellington & Essex Quays” to his Oct. Painting sale. The photos don’t do it justice

  10. [via Twitter]

    LOVE Golden Leaves. Hope it went to a good home.

  11. [via Twitter]

    A bit slow getting to the computer and Birds, Wires 11 is gone! Congrats on the sales.

  12. says:

    Love the creativity. So few artists embrace the web to promote their skill and work. I will certainly mention you in a tweet and best of luck with your work. Delighted to see so many paintings are sold.

  13. [via Twitter]

    autumn leaves is gone :-(

  14. [via Twitter]

    really like leaves and birds.. super work : )

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