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2009 End of Year Sale of Paintings

The 2009 End of Year Sale has ended.

With the sudden re-roofing and renovations of the studio, a lot less paintings were posted in the sale than planned. I’m holding back the latest paintings and going to add them to ones I’m about to finish and some time in January have a new sale in celebration of my new roof.

For older paintings available at non-sale prices - click HERE.

Announcements of new paintings are made first on twitter (have a look there now to see links to paintings not yet posted here) and then this page will be updated as batches of paintings are ready, so you may need to refresh to see if any new paintings have been added.

If you prefer not to use PayPal you can pay me direct - by cash or transfer or cheque/check. I actually prefer that as it saves me paying fees to PP, but work away on the PayPal links if you prefer to pay that way.

If you do wish to buy a painting, to avoid disappointment you might want to contact me as soon as possible as paintings are sold on a first-come basis, and there have been a few instances of more than one person attempting to buy the same painting at the same time.

Come back later to see some more new paintings.


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  4. Julian says:

    Hi, Just came across your blog(s). Enjoyed the cartoons :) Interesting to see that you are a fellow pedaler too. I’m currently in South America. Will add you to my blog list if that´s alright.


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