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Commissions 2013

Due to the backlog of existing commissions and slow rate of finishing paintings this year, no new commissions will be taken on until April 2014 at the soonest - and likely to be later than then. That means I’m not in a position to do any commissions for Christmas 2013.

I’m aiming to have almost all existing commissions completed by the end of 2013. They are being continually worked on and many are very close to completion - but it’s hard to predict when any individual painting will be ready - holdups are largely due to having to do new paintings to make the rent just to hang onto the studio and the business (this is all I manage - if even), the little time I get to paint now compared to years ago, and losing momentum that both of the previous reasons cause when I finally get the time.

All paintings I am currently working on, including commissions, are on the list of paintings in progress

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