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21 Miniature Irish Landscape Paintings

21 Miniature Landscape Paintings of Ireland
9cm x 6.55cm (3.5ins x 2.5ins), Card/Paper
€45 each
Shipping/Packing €8 globally

11 paintings of Clew Bay in Mayo, 3 paintings of Bantry Bay in Cork, 4 paintings of Carrowmore Lake in Mayo, and a painting of the Magillicuddy’s Reeks in Kerry, a hill in Kerry, and of the Shannon estuary.

Miniature Landscape Paintings of Ireland incl Clew Bay, Bantry Bay and Carrowmore Lake
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This is 1 image showing all 21 paintings; clicking any individual painting will bring you to an enlarged image of all 21 paintings

These paintings are painted on a variety of card stock of different thicknesses. Having struggled to get the photos to look like the paintings I can tell you it’s my opinion they look better ‘in the flesh’ and they do particularly well in numbers greater than one.

NOTE: Sometimes I fall behind in marking paintings ‘SOLD’ - check with me to confirm availability.

Please NOTE the dimensions - these paintings are miniatures

If you’’d like to buy any of these paintings contact me (email, facebook, twitter DM) to pay by personal cheque/check, bank account transfer, postal order, or that stuff called cash. If you wish to pay by credit card I can send you a paypal link where you can use your credit card (but it’s my least favourite method as I have to pay fees).

Shipping, P&P
With postage included the price of €53 is what you pay in total to purchase any of these paintings and have them posted to your door anywhere in the world.

Here’s a photo of some previous miniature paintings of mine (all sold) to give you an idea of what they look like when I send them to you. For presentation I mount them so they can be easily removed, and wrap them in cellophane.

If you can’t afford these, or don’t like them, you could still help me by spreading word of their existence - by tweeting, liking, sharing, linking, emailing, or even by talking. I’d be grateful.

Other Paintings for Sale
Most of my paintings tend to sell within a short time of being posted online (where I primarily sell my paintings) so typically not a whole lot are available for purchase at any one time. I keep a page of older paintings available for purchase.

Work on current commissions including #paintingtour ones (and paintings for hosts), is continuing. Please note that due to current painting commitments any new commissions can not be completed until mid 2021.


  1. Tevis Jones says:

    Hi Liam,
    I’d like to buy the “Kerry Hill” mini & “Clew Bay8″ mini. Any chance you can get down to Dalkey on 20 June? I’ll be meeting up with Eileen & Nuala then, and could get the paintings from you. If not, let’s arrange payment & shipping to San Francisco.
    All the best, Tevis

  2. E gan F says:

    I’ll say yes to Dalkey on June 20, but due to domestic circumstances it’s difficult to commit and likely won’t know for definite until the day. It’s also quite a long way - requiring a 50km round trip cycle, and may clash with something else I’m hoping to be able to attend earlier that day. All that said I’ll aim for a yes and see how we go.

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