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Slow Down, Swerve

As I’ve written over on Irish KC problems with my arm have affected my painting.

The pains started as I did an excessive amount of painting just before the last show, and they have increased since. Holding a brush hurts.

To help the arm recover I’m cutting back on all activities that exacerbate the condition. The pain itself has already forced a slowdown of painting - which is why the promised online sale hasn’t materialized. The plan was for one set of paintings to go online for a big sale, and another set of paintings to go to shows.

The arm problem is also going to affect those planned shows for the summer. However since painting is how I make my living I can’t afford to stop, and my brain doesn’t want to anyway. I’m trying to learn to use my left hand. But I won’t make the planned shows.

So paintings planned for shows are now also going to appear online first. I won’t talk dates because none of 75 or so paintings in progress are finished, and it may be that I get up to speed using my left hand before my right is back to normal.

I’m also cutting back on using the computer, because stumbling around a keyboard with one hand, the unfavoured one - as I am for this post - is a lot slower than typing properly with 2 hands. I’ll post some photos and sketches though to keep things ticking over, and twitter’s 140 characters are manageable enough even with one bad hand.

Depending on how my rate of painting progresses I may have a big sale like the 2 of last year, or I may drip feed paintings online as they’re ready. Here and twitter are where you’ll find out first.


  1. John Keyes says:

    Doesn’t sound good man. Hope the arm and brain enjoy the rest, you’ll be unstoppable on your return.

    BTW Waterford has been admired by most who have visited.

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