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Drawing: Neil Gaiman

Regular readers will know that my painting arm, my right, has been out of action for a couple of months and so my other arm, my left, has been in training - learning to draw and to paint. Well here’s an early drawing with my left hand - done about 6 weeks ago - of Neil Gaiman.

Early Drawing by left-hand - of Neil Gaiman
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(Ink on a single page of a Canson 9″ x 12″ Sketchbook)

I have a load more drawings like this, mostly portraits from people’s Twitter avatars, but also some cityscapes. At the moment though the left-hand is finally painting, trying to make up for the non-production of the right-hand.

Hopefully I’ll be able to share some new paintings with you very soon, and I might also share some more drawings (though I’d need to scan them - this one I took a photo of and then had to spend a bit of time cleaning it up). Either way I will continue to post photos as I have been for the last month or so.

Drawings by the Right Hand, and Some Photos:
   • Drawing of Genoa, Italy
   • Dublin West: A Boy and His Pony
   • Teabags On A Window Sill
   • Sketchbook Figures
   • Dublin, A Horse


  1. martha says:

    Really fine, Eolai! Now, don’t work so hard with the left hand that it ends up in the same fix as the right…

  2. Couldn’t see you don’t better with the right - That’s A1.

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  4. [via Twitter]

    I like your Neil Gaiman drawing.

  5. [via Twitter]

    the drawing looks great! Hope your right arm heals soon.

  6. [via Twitter]

    Brilliant. Eolaí gan Fhéile ( @eolai ) is teaching himself to draw with his left hand (his right is poorly)

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