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Opposite Hand Drawing

Last year when my painting arm went out of action due to tennis elbow, I resolved to teach myself to paint using my other hand. It took some time but I got there ultimately doing some paintings entirely with my left hand, paintings that I have sold since.

The start of that learning process for me was to draw. For subject matter I decided on drawing a series of people based solely on their avatars on twitter.

This is, or at least was meant to be, the writer, Ken Armstrong - on twitter as @KenArmstrong1

Most of the other drawings are probably destined for American Hell

Some Other Drawings:
   • Neil Gaiman: Left-Handed Drawing
   • Genoa, A Sketch
   • Sketchbook Figures


  1. Amy says:

    This is brilliant! I can see Ken in this!

  2. I love that so much! You’ve caught something of me, you really have.

    Try wiping this smile off… :)

  3. emcogNEATO! says:

    It’s brilliant. Do me! Do me! Wait. That came out wrong.

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  5. savannah says:

    LOL@do me, but ok, me too! ;~D xoxox

  6. carolinesweetie says:

    I want one too. Love it.

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