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Drawing: Outside a Dublin Pub

Much as I like sketching people in pubs, staring at them, even stealing a series of glances, can cause problems. Alcohol tends not to help - either party.
This drawing of outside a Dublin pub is from across the road, at a bus-stop.

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Drawing: Neil Gaiman

Regular readers will know that my painting arm, my right, has been out of action for a couple of months and so my other arm, my left, has been in training - learning to draw and to paint. Well here’s an early drawing with my left hand - done about 6 weeks ago - [...]

Drawing of Genoa

Here’s a drawing I did of Genoa while in Italy last summer. It’s from my moleskine sketchbook.

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If it seems familiar it’s because I subsequently based a painting of Genoa on it. (you can also see the progress of the Genoa Painting in 4 Stages)
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