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Irish Blog Awards 2011 - Scrapbook

Here’s a few photographs of my weekend at the IBAs in Belfast - presented in 1 big photo (just pretend it’s 1995).

Huge thanks to Damien for making it possible to meet so many people I enjoy reading, and being able to share my paintings with them.

Being with my paintings in a hotel in Belfast, while supping pints and drinking tea with those from the world of blogging, was a very fine way to spend a birthday.

Photo Scrapbook pf 2011 IBAs

Thank you.

Note: I’ve more posts to do regarding the awards, but this will do for starters. The paintings will be posted for sale online soon - but I want to finish a few more first.

IBA Through the Years
   • IBA 2010 Galway - Em, I won
   • IBA 2009 Cork - Auction of painting for IBA charities
   • IBA 2008 Dublin - Review of the night


  1. savannah says:

    thank you! xoxox

  2. sNarah says:

    Absolutely loving the review!
    I’m a big fan of the birds/wires contrasty yolks you make - enjoyed browsing through them on Saturday!

  3. Babaduck says:

    Your paintings were gorgeous - all the ones I lusted after had already been sold!

  4. Grannymar says:

    Great work Eolai. It was good to catch up with you again.

  5. Love your colours there - happy at it by the looks!

  6. Sharon says:

    I love this post!

  7. E gan F says:

    Savannah - You’re very welcomw

    sNarah - Thanks very much. I’ve done a fair few of those in the past, and I daresay I’ll be doing some more. The pole was new. Expect more poles.

    Babaduck - Thanks very much. I’m sorry I didn’t have more to display; I really wanted to.

    Grannymar - Thank you! Good to see you too. I felt very bad that I was so bad at getting around, being so rubbish when my paintings are being exhibited.

    @irishfoodguide - That’s fair to say, yes. Thank you very much.

    Sharon - Thanks. If I’d planned it of course I would have taken some other photographs, like with more people in them. Great to see you again.

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