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If you’d like to hear news of my major art sales before the general public or people on social media get to see the new paintings, join my mailing list.

To date (January 2014) I’ve only sent one newsletter in 30 months, so you won’t be bombarded. In a good year I’d have four big online sales, but I haven’t had a good year for a while.

Once you enter your email address and click the subscribe button you will be sent an automatic email asking you to confirm you really want to join the mailing list. (This is to stop somebody else signing you up against your wishes). It’s just one click and then you’ll be confirmed.


  1. CapallGlas says:

    Can’t remember if I signed up before, but definitely wanted to be on it. Sorry if it’s a double.

    Karen J Newhouse

  2. MG says:

    Hi Liam,

    What is your email address?
    I would like to contact you regarding the painting of the hippocampus at Capel street bridge painting.
    Its beautiful!