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Notes on December 2010 Art Sale

Some notes to go with my end of year sale of paintings that starts here later today (link will be posted when the sale starts).

1. Paintings are sold on a first come first served basis so if you know me through twitter or facebook it may be quickest to tell me there you wish to purchase a painting.

2. If you want a painting before Christmas - scream at me. The current weather of snow and ice has impacted on movement and has me out of my studio where my packing materials remain but I’ll do what I can to get paintings to the post office on time or, if you’re in Dublin, directly into your hands.

3. The sale will run until the end of December. So between Christmas and New Year I will process any purchases if there are any, and I may well add some new paintings into the sale for painting is what I do.

4. New paintings will be added into the sale up to as late as the final day. We’ll start with between 30 and 40 and end up with somewhere between 50 and 80.

5. All paintings in the sale are works that have not been offered for sale before. When the sale ends they will be marked up to their regular price and won’t be part of any future sales.

6. All works are sold unframed. While I believe framing is very much a personal choice, to be honest I also can’t afford the cash flow of keeping a hundred paintings framed.

7. PayPal links are provided with every painting so work away at them if it suits you best. My preferred method of payment is cash or bank transfer, and I also take cheques in euros, US dollars, and sterling.

8. As the paintings are offered in the sale at up to 50% off, the prices in the sale aren’t negotiable. At least not downwards; I am however happy to accept more than the asking price for a painting.

9. You can save paying shipping costs by collecting from the studio or meeting me for handover - probably in Dublin city centre. With the current weather and forecast this will be more challenging than usual.

10. I would greatly appreciate if you spread the word about the sale - by blog post, tweet, status update, email, etc. or word of mouth. Even if my paintings aren’t your cup of tea if you would pass on word to anybody you think might like them I would be very grateful.

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