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And Her Streets Of Cobbled Stone

Dublin. A photo.

I’m not mad on these newer style of cobblestone. Maybe it’s their relative newness but they’re a bit fake looking of edge, and kinda funky looking of colour. Having said that, squares, patterns, shapes, lines, and iteration, I could look at all day.

Cobblestones, the newer ones on Dublin's Smithfield
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This is Smithfield, in Dublin’s north inner city as it looks today. You can see the original cobblestones in an old photo I took, the first one in my post on a photo essay of Dublin’s walls.

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  1. manuel says:

    aye but it’s still a great shot though….

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  4. Cindy says:

    I really like the Smithfield Cobblestones photo! Reminds me of the the Dovecots also.

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