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In 1992 I cycled alone across Europe through 10 countries as far as Istanbul.

4 years later I did a longer solo bicycle trip - across America - where I was almost killed. [Read the Journal of my cycle across America]
In Arizona looking back to New Mexico

There have been other trips, and I suspect there will be more. [Update: There has been! See my Twitter-Painting-Cycle Tour of Ireland: PaintingTour.com ]

Many of the stories from those adventures will appear here on Bicyclistic.

The bike has been my primary mode of transport wherever I’ve lived, and a few years ago I bought something for the bike that was, and remains, the best thing I’ve ever bought - the FreeRad from XtraCycle.

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It’s a ridiculous name for a magnificent thing, an extension to your bike that gives you seemingly limitless load carrying abilities without hampering you when you cycle without any load. It enabled me to live completely car-free in the middle of car-oriented America, and is currently my only workmate in my art career.

I’ll be writing about Xtra-Cycle here on Bicyclistic and the life it affords me.

Although I’ve cycled tens of thousands of miles in different parts of the globe, I don’t really care a whole lot about bicycles themselves; it’s more where they take you and what they let you do that I love.

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