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Painting Giveaway #8: A Painting of Where?

This is a picture of a painting in progress. But of where is it a painting of?

I’ll help you. Once upon a time I cycled alone across America. This is a scene from the trip. Or it will be when it’s finished. So it could look very different.

Tell me what US state it’s in, and what episode of my Cycle Across America journal it’s from (of the 71 posted).

The 1st person to leave a comment telling me the correct State and Journal Post wins an original painting of their choice from the prizepool. (NOTE: If you’re reading this on FaceBook go HERE)

Painting in progress, but of where?

The prizepool was extended up to 20 paintings recently. They’re also for sale so it’s possible you could have a choice of less than 20 when the competition closes.

I suspect I’ll leave your answers hidden in moderation because not only does it add great frustration excitement but it gives me a chance to take the dog out and to cycle to my studio without fretting about you. I’ll probably tell you tomorrow who won, depending on answers - or I’ll keep it open if nobody has won.

RESULT: We have a winner. There were 26 guesses, and I’ve addressed them all and given the answer with the result that one person has their choice of a pinting from the prizepool.

UPDATE: You can see, and indeed buy, the finished painting HERE


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  2. I’m guessing the Connor Pass on the Dingle Pennisula.

  3. Edide says:

    New Mexico, episode 66?

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  5. Caroline says:

    havent really got a clue! guessing

    Into New Mexico

    Part 60

    New Mexico

  6. Carole Long says:

    I’m guessing E. Arkanasas.
    Entry 31.

  7. Vicki says:

    It reminds me of Arizona, so that’s my guess

  8. garlicdog says:

    I reckon it is the last one 71. Arizona

  9. murray says:

    the Mescalero Ridge, #61

  10. E gan F says:

    Remember folks, you need to give both a US State and the corresponding episode from the journal. This is because some states are in more than 1 journal post, and some journal posts cover more than 1 state.

    I’m keeping your answers hidden in moderation for now (unless they’re of the wrong country)

  11. Orlaith says:

    I’m guessing New Mexico and post number 63.

  12. savannah says:

    new mexico, entry # 70

    so, anyway, even if i’m wrong, i am having a marvelous time reading these, sugar! how’d i miss all of this?

  13. american eejit says:

    I’m guessing New Mexico/San Agustin Pass. That or the North Pole.

  14. Spyder says:


  15. Jessica G says:

    #70, New Mexico!

  16. Joe Silke says:

    Ok Eolai…lets go with post#66 the San Agustin pass and the state being new mexico. Not that I know anything about the S.Agustin pass but only cos I remember you describing NMex after your bike trip over a glass (or two) of vino, back in the day.

  17. Ruth Seeley says:

    I’m going to guess post #33 and Arkansas. And I’ll probably be wrong, but you never know, I might be closest. :)

  18. Old Knudsen says:

    I was going to guess Arizona which would be #71

  19. Keith Nolan says:

    Episode #64: The Tularosa Basin

  20. V. Boles says:

    New Mexico - episode #63 ??

  21. CapallGlas says:

    So, home sick with hot tea, I had a wonderful afternoon reading your 71 entries. I’ve always admired your art, so it was a bit with a bit of excitement that I noticed few guesses on this one. Your descriptions however, did not immediately tell me the answers and I am at a loss with three specific descriptions that may fit the painting.

    first, in entry 63 you discuss the Capitan Mountains near Roswell New Mexico, rising from a flat but you do not describe traveling through them, or a road through them. In that entry you also describe the Rio Hondo valley in New Mexico, but not so much of the colors.

    Then in entry 64 you describe the San Andreas mountains from your vantage in New Mexico, with White Sands in front of them, but you describe that as a solid wall, not with a road between them. Though you do mention a sunset, with colors that would work with the preliminary painting layout.

    descriptions of the Broad Mountains in New Mexico in #67 included the color palette of “Yellow gravel, green bushes, red hills, and blue mountains. ” Which sounded lovely, but not what you had in the painting though being a preliminary painting you may have jumbled the colors about later.

    In #70 you describe the mines near Silver City New Mexico which tumble right down to the road and have bronze stones pile up on them. You also describe the mountains at the Continental Divide and the pass through them. It was difficult at that point whether you were describing being in New Mexico or having crossed into Arizona (I didn’t see where you said ‘wheeee’ when going over the border.)

    But since the description of the contest doesn’t say I need to tell you which description I like better, I will say that the painting is in New Mexico, and was in #70.


  22. Keith Nolan says:

    Now I’m thinking it’s Part #66 The San Agustin Pass

  23. Frank P says:

    It’s a tough one, but I’m going to guess Kansas, on the basis of this excerpt from part 50:

    “Kansas is not a flat carpet. Sections of it are carpet-like, but they’re not joined at the same level. It’s like a series of plateaus. Where they join you have a ridge or a series of rocky hillocks. Such stony hills were what I climbed through 20 miles South of WaKeeney.”

    Not sure it’s an exact fit, but parts of it fit!

  24. Keith Nolan says:

    ok, you can see where I’m going here. You cycled between Ash Peak and Rhyloite Peak and since it’s Ep 71 -Arizona, I’m guessing you were glad to get off the bike for a while; perhaps even happy enough to paint the scene.

  25. Moloch says:

    hey chef
    New Mexico episode 67?


  26. Sean says:

    I’m going for Journal 71 in Arizona…

  27. LGabrielse says:

    Okay, here it goes again…#61 New Mexico. And, what has me super excited is that you have been to Lubbock!! I was born in Lubbock! I am a Texan, the first and best years of my life were spent in Lubbock, Texas before we moved to San Diego. My heart is in Texas forever. You have been there, that rocks. :D

  28. dorje says:

    The Black Hills. North Dakota

  29. E gan F says:

    Jennifer - a lovely spot, and maybe I’ll paint it some day but you might have read through the question a bit quickly?

    Eddie - my favourite state of the trip, I think, and your guess put you in the lead by virtue of being closer to the scene than Kerry is.

    Caroline - New Mexico again, and closer than Eddie’s guess put you in the lead. The landscape in Part 60 wasn’t too dismiliar to where the scene was.

    Carole - Ah, where the river (Mississippi) meets the Ridge and you get to see eastern Arkansas. Not the location, but time to get the measuing tape out and see if your green guess is closer than Caroline’s New Mexico guess.

    Vicki - Certainly the state I saw the most pale rocks, white even, was Arizona - but the scene in progress is not there.

    GarlicDog - Arizona did have the colours all right, assuming those are the colours of the finished painting, but then I have a habit of painting green grass red and blue sky yellow. Nope.

    Mark - Wonderful landscapes there. Wonderful. But Caroline or maybe Carole, are closer.

    Murray - Excellent guess, and I must confess that the painting in its unfinished state, as is, is quite reminiscent of the Mescalero Ridge. But Caroline is still closer. And maybe Carole is closer again.

    Orlaithf - Ooh New Mexico episode 63, what an epic, epic day, as I think back I remember that the early part of the day after leaving Roswell did take me up to a gap and as I looked back I could see a flat desert and the legendary Area 51. So it could nearly be, but it isn’t.

    Savannah - Not looking back from the Continental Divide, but looking forward, to Lordsburg, yes it is a bit like that, but not it. Caroline still is closest geographically. Unless Carole is. And thank you for enjoying the reading. You missed them because I write so much drivel; dilution is my style.

    American Eejit - The magnificent San Agustin Pass. Either looking back on White Sands or forward towards Old Mesilla. But I would have painted the Organ Mountains that the pass goes through more dramatically - the rocks really are like giant organ pipes.

    Spyder - I must confess that the rocks/hills/mountains as I’ve painted them so far are most like the landscapes of Arizona, but nope the scene isn’t there.

    Jessica G - Sorry, and I really hadn’t thought how a part-painted scene of a pass looking down on a flat landscape is quite a common feature. The Mew Mexico scenes in #70 were more epic than this.

    Joe - this is smaller scene than the view down from the San Agustin Pass, though you can’t tell that since the painting isn’t finished. We must drink more wine.

    Ruth - You’re right. In that you are wrong with #33 Arkansas just west of Little Rock as I glimpse the Ozarks, and I don’t know if you’re closest but you’re defintely closer than Eastern Arkansas. So now you’re in the lead instead of Carole. Unless Caroline is closer with New Mexico #60.

    Old Knudsen - Yes #71 Arizona is definitely the most likely candidate I have to admit, and I did expect it to top the guesses - but alas it’s not where the scene is.

    Keith - The Tularosa Basin was warmer colours for me, though that could be just because I rode so late in the day and the year giving everything a rich golden glow. Sorry.

    V. Boles - #63 was the day that everything changed (if you exclude getting knocked down all the way back in #9). My first day to see mountains, and passes, and anything different than the Plains of the previous 2,000 miles. But no, not here.

    CapallGlas - You’re right: I didn’t go through the majestic Capitan Mountains in #63. And the way down from the San Andreas seemed to go around the wall somehow - I can’t picture the scene so I can only think there isn’t one for me to remember. Also there would have been the jagged Organ Mountains along the far side of the White Sands - if I’d painted them at this stage. And yes painting the colours I saw in the New Mexico landscapes is a challenge I still haven’t taken on. I definitely went “wheee” crossing the Continental Divide and the most striking scenes were after it on the Arizona side. I could see the rest of my day’s trip, the next day’s, and beyond. So thank you a million times for reading so much and your very thoughtful answers, but I’m afraid the unfinished nature of the painting has led you astray.

    Keith (again) - It’s definitely more like the San Agustin Pass than the landscapes of the Tularosa Basin - near as they are to each other, but nope the painted scene is not as grand as San Agustin.

    Keith (and again) - You’re improving with age. It’s definitely more like the scene you describe in Arizona than the San Agustin Pass, but geographically it’s further away. Thanks very much for reading so much and plugging the journal.

    Moloch - The only guess I believe for #67 in New Mexico. Old Mesilla is that very cool place where Billy the Kid escaped hanging from that Pat Garrett, but not near the painted scene.

    Sean - Cruel of me, I know for certainly I seem to have painted Arizona-like rocky things but alas no, not Arizona.

    LGabrielse - Now see how worth it that it was to guess? Because if you’d guessed earlier you’d have been in the lead. As it is you’re 1 journal post away from somebody who might be in the lead. And I had a fabulous time in West Texas. Fabulous. Enjoyed my days in Lubbock. Loved that panhandle.

    Dorje - The Black Hills were on the original route, planned in part 2, but once what happened in #9 happened and I slowed down consequently, it was too far north for me to cope with winter cycling.

    And that’s it. So who’s nearest? Oh wait a minute, I skipped one.

    Frank P - I beamed. Beamed a smile so wide I warmed my chilly studio when your guess came in late last night. On the nose. It is exactly that scene 20 miles south of WaKeeney in the extract you selected.

    Here’s a longer extract from Part #50 of the journal, “Kansas is a Big State“, with the preceding and following paragraph:

    What was I looking at? Mostly grassed slopes. Short sunburnt grass for miles. Occasionally they would quietly and instantly change into broad fields of turned soil. I suspected they once had wheat there - it had to be somewhere, this was once called The Wheat State and I haven’t seen any yet. Already in the fresh soil there were rows and rows of green chutes sprouting up. And then back to grass forever and the fields of soil were out of sight.

    Kansas is not a flat carpet. Sections of it are carpet-like, but they’re not joined at the same level. It’s like a series of plateaus. Where they join you have a ridge or a series of rocky hillocks. Such stony hills were what I climbed through 20 miles South of WaKeeney.

    The yellow limestone showed through the grass at many points and I could see back the same road I travelled for 15 miles from the highest point. I was able to see the Lutheran church I’d passed earlier. I found myself guessing how far the visible high point on the horizon was. It ranged from 2 to 10 miles typically and my guess usually ended up being accurate to within one 10th of a mile.

    The scene is actually on US 283 when I was cycling south having just passed Cedar Bluff Reservoir, and the view is what I saw when I looked back (Note how the view is from the left-hand side of the road, because I’m cycling forward on the righ-hand side of course). A couple of days ago I relived it courtesy of StreetView in Google Maps to be absolutely certain. Very freaky that you can do that.

    So no need for my measuring tape in the end. Thank you all so very much for playing along, and I hope you’ll try again (And I’ll try and make it easier next time).

    Frank - you have a choice of a painting from the prizepool

  30. Frank P says:

    Whhhooooo hoooo ooooooooo! No way! I won!
    I’m off to look through the prize pool :)

  31. Eddie says:

    Great competition, very enojyable. well done to Frank :-)

  32. Frank P says:

    With apologies to all the losers unsuccessful entries :P , I think it has to be this one:

    Difficult choice, but something about this one just really intrigues me - there’s so much going on it, despite being essentially a “still” life.. and the colours just speak to me…

    Was also drawn to and but the fish won me over.

    Thank you so much… can’t wait to the piece ‘in the flesh’ :)

  33. E gan F says:

    It’s yours - and congratulations! I’ll pull the ‘For Sale’ stuff when I get home and fingers regain feeling all the way to the tips.

    I know I’m biased but I’m really glad this painting is going to a good home as I thought I was the only person on the planet who liked it.

    (I fixed your strikethrough for you)

  34. savannah says:

    congratulations, frank! and thank you, sugar, for turning me on to y’all’s grand adventure here in the states! xoxox

  35. Ok am Reading with red face now. Sorry, missed the vital bit about which American state. Sigh.
    Feeling very blonde.

  36. E gan F says:

    Jennifer - I should have alerted you to your mis-reading, sorry. I started to contact you on twitter several times, but kept getting distracted.

  37. CapallGlas says:

    Congrats on the right answer!
    I still had a great afternoon reading the travels. I’ve always wanted to visit New Mexico myself. A friend of mine travels there to paint every year and I can’t believe the colors.
    I read some of the bits to my long-suffering roommate who was also sick. She says you should come back to Maryland and eat more crab.

    I lift a cup of hot tea to the correct answer and return to my own studio.

  38. V. Boles says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed engaging in the competition for the first time, as wells as reading the travel log.

    Congratulations, Frank. I’m fairly green with envy over your prize.

  39. sandra says:

    Would it be San Augustin Pass? White Sands? or Dos Bailleros?

  40. sandra says:

    I’ve just read the above comments and NOW I see that someone has already won - Sheeshh!

  41. Ann Graham says:

    no 64

  42. E gan F says:

    Hello Ann,

    Thanks for submitting an answer however sorry but this one finished quite some time ago - there’s an update at the bottom of the post to this effect - see the above comments for the answer (No. 50) and winner (Frank P).

    I’ve been slow to get another competition going because my studio has been out of action for a couple of months - but I should back using it in a few days and just as soon as I can create some new paintings to be added into the Prizepool I’ll have another competition.

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