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Photo: Gooseberries

One of the things I missed about Ireland when living in America, was Gooseberries. Unlike when growing up, these days to get them I don’t have to climb over a wall into somebody’s garden.

Gooseberries on a bush
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  1. Daily Spud says:

    Ah, such fine-looking gooseberries… I was doing some cooking with the first gooseberries of the season just the other day (gooseberry curd, which I highly recommend). Luckily, I never had to climb over walls to get the berries as my Ma always had some in her garden.

  2. sherqui says:

    [via Twitter]

    My grandad had a gooseberry bush at our old house @ home, it’s the only thing I miss about it since we sold it.

  3. [via Twitter]

    Ooh - gooseberries! Nice colors

  4. martha says:

    Is this spate of photos the lemonade from the lemon of your sore arm? Whatever the reason, I’m really enjoying them.

  5. E gan F says:

    Spud - Some Gooseberry dishes are on their way - though curd is a new one on me so I’ll definitely check that out. It sounds great.

    Martha - Short answer is yes, thanks very much.

  6. Ruth Seeley says:

    We do have gooseberries in North America - at least we have them in Eastern Ontario, because I remember a big gooseberry bush at camp. Ours seemed hairier though - do they start out green and hairy and turn orange-y and shiny as they mature? Or did I only think that was a gooseberry bush at camp? ;)

  7. E gan F says:

    I forgot to answer you Ruth - sorry.

    Yes I know they exist in North America all right, but mostly a different species to the various species in Europe. And nowhere near as common - which is how I would have missed them.

    The hairy fruit ones are quite common here as well as the smooth skin vareity. Some gooseberries are green when fully ripened and others - like the ones pictured, on their way to ripeness - are red

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