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Photo: Great Drying Weather

When I lived in the heat of America, I really missed clothes lines.

The colours and shapes of clothes drying on washing lines has been a source of beauty for me wherever I’ve been in the world - from historic Italian cities to Himalayan villages. Everywhere but America, that is. For aesthetic and prudish reasons neighbourhoods and homeowners associations in the Land of the Free frequently don’t allow them.

This is a great day for drying in Dublin.

Shadows of a whirly clothesline through a drying towel
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  1. martha says:

    Terrific photo! And that reminds me, I must get the wash in off the line…

  2. I love my clothesline! I can’t wait til spring comes around and I can hang out the wash. Other than scratchy bath towels, there is no downside to outdoor drying. …except the occasional bird dropping.

  3. E gan F says:

    I knew the people I liked in America would be living in sensible areas. Sugar-Britches, spring has been cancelled this year. And just what fabric softener are you using?

  4. savannah says:

    it always made me (and still does) wonder why people get upset about clothes drying on a line. most of us, especially here in the south, grew up with clotheslines. but, i guess, everyone is still playing the keeping up with the jones game. xoxox

  5. Spring has sprung here down Missouri way! I’ve already had BD change out the clothes line for a sturdier kind that doesn’t continually sag after each load. Gain fabric soften at this point. I flip-flop. However, it doesn’t matter, bath towels dried on the line are always a little rougher than those run through the dryer. I should probably just post about this rather than take up precious room in your comment section, huh?

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