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Photo: Literary Parade, St. Patrick’s Park

Another Dublin city centre photo for you. This is the Literary Parade in St. Patrick’s Park by the cathedral.

I took this picture from Bull Alley Street. If Nicholas Street and Patrick Street weren’t so crude in how they manage traffic I might go in the park more often. If you go in you can peer through those grills you’ll see stuff celebrating Mangan, Wilde, Shaw, Yeats, Synge, O’Casey, Joyce, Behan, Beckett, Clarke, Dillon, and of course Swift, who was Dean next door, albeit a century and a half before the park was created.

literary parade in St Patrick's Park, Dublin, Ireland
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  1. Lozzie says:

    That’s a beautiful picture. I love the sense of a repeating pattern, even in the floral displays. Thank you for sharing.

  2. [via Twitter]

    that’s lovely.

  3. [via Twitter]

    @londond2434 I agree

  4. Phil says:

    really great photo.

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