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Photo: Pat in his Hat

These days I never seem to have money when I walk past Pat Ingoldsby. When I did, in a time before the monster that is Temple Bar did whatever it did to Moran’s Ha’penny Bridge Inn, there was one evening we both sat all night, pen in hand, glancing at each other under our hats and over our pints and notebooks.

And another time a friend and I considered going to see Pat live, but we got nervous - afraid we’d be sucked into the show if not a large crowd turned up - so we decided not to go. Not a large crowd turned up - less than a dozen - so Pat brought the entire audience home from the pub to his house. And we were sorry we didn’t get sucked in.

Pat Ingoldsby and his books on Dublin's Westmoreland Street
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  1. Séamus says:

    The Ha’penny Inn, was in there for pints last October, there was some locals playing and singing. I guess you’re saying it has become lost amidst what is now Temple Bar, forgotten a bit. I used to play trad in The Temple Bar before it was fixed up, and in Gogarty’s when it also had improv trad sessions versus the gigs, also used to play in Slattery’s on Capel street. Dublin has changed and not for the better, the rare auld times seem a lot rarer and older.

  2. Orlaith says:

    I remember once stopping for a chat with Pat and he asked me to watch his stuff while he went off to find a leithreas. In the 10 minutes or so that he was gone I managed to sell one of his books. What a thrill! I haven’t seen him in a while now but the last time he invited me to his house in Clontarf for a coffee and a mince pie. We stopped off at Maureen Potter’s grave on the way. It was a really nice day looking back on it. He’s such a lovely, caring soul.

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