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Painting: Coast, The West

Here’s a new painting finished a few days ago.

Coast, The West
23 x 18 cm (9 x 7 inches)

painting of a coastal scene on the west coast of Ireland

Sometimes with landscapes I start with somewhere in particular in mind, and then I take liberties which I hope results in a painting of my experience there. This is one of those times.

Coast, The West was SOLD upon completion and went directly to Moscow. I currently have several paintings in the same style nearing completion. They should be posted here for sale later this month.

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  1. Lozzie says:

    I look forward to seeing more. This one is cracking. I wish I was intelligent enough about art to say WHY I like it so much.

  2. martha says:

    Really a departure from your recent style. I like it. It’s hard to tell, since it’s on the screen, but it looks as if there’s some three dimensionality going on, almost like collage. Am I way off base?

  3. E gan F says:

    Thanks very much Lozzie.

    Martha - it’s quite physical all right, very heavy in texture - much like a painting I did a long time ago called Iveragh End. Not sure when I painted that one, somewhere 1991-1993 I think.

    It should be easier to see the texture in the next ones that are similar as I expect I’ll have more time to photograph them properly - this one was only just dry, snapped in poor light, and then off to Russia.

  4. [...] it was finished it went straight to Russia with Coast, The West, which is why this is not a great photo - the light was lousy in the few minutes I had with [...]

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